Color as Energy, David Johnson - Saturday, November 5th

David Johnson will be giving the program at November's meeting on Color as Energy: Physical and Emotional. That afternoon he is scheduled to give a workshop titled Color and Fiber: Optical and Mechanical Mixing. Cost is $65. 

Workshop Description: In this design workshop we will explore the unique properties embodied in fiber that allows us to express with color. Unlike paint, as we blend yarns together we are able to create layers of transparency with the yarns retaining their original identity. In the dye pot, we are able to create a complete spectrum of color and value using four basic stock solutions. Student will complete two design assignments demonstrating the two types of mixing and how they may work together using watercolor on paper and yarns.

Material will be supplied by the instructor. Students are asked to bring a medium sized watercolor brush.

There is still room left in this workshop. 

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