Membership form

Interest groups - Special interest groups, listed here, meet periodically, each with a specific fiber art related focus on a variety of fiber-related topics.

Position descriptions - The Guild has no paid employees, so encourages all members to review the job descriptions listed here and find a good fit for themselves.

Scholarship application form - Guild members may request reimbursement for partial expenses for attendance at Guild-approved workshops.

NCWG request for payment or reimbursement

NCWG deposit information form

Ravelry - Join our group by following the instructions posted here. (It's a large, muliti-page PDF document and so may take a few minutes to open.)

Yahoo - Our Yahoo group is used to facilitate communication outside our meetings. To join, go to You'll need to create a Yahoo ID, but you don't have to use Yahoo email to receive messages - you can easily have the messages forwarded to your regular email account.


Password required

Newsletter - The Volksweaver (available online with the password)

Library - The Guild library includes several hundred books, magazines, and videos, listed here.

Equipment - Guild members have access to looms, spinning wheels, and other related items for rent.



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