Workshop fees must be paid at time of registration prior to the workshop. If a workshop is not filled one month prior to being held, the workshop will be opened to non-members for an additional fee of $26, the cost of an annual membership dues. Please choose the correct payment option for your workshop selection.

Workshop list for payment reference:
September 3, 2016 - Autumn Fusion Shawl, Brigitte Elliott: half day $65
October 1, 2016 - Trimmings Without Turkey, Robyn Spady: half day $65
October 2, 2016 - Totally Modern Inlay Techniques, Robyn Spady: full day $125
October 3-4, 2016 - Extreme Warp Makeover, Robyn Spady: two day $250
November 5, 2016 - Color and Fiber: Optical and Mechanical Mixing: half day $65
March 4-5, 2017 - Sewing Handwoven Fabric – Jean Scorgie: one and half day TBD
May 6, 2017 - Spinning Softly, Karen Kinyon: half day $65


Workshop Fees for Members Only
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If you a non-member registering for a workshop, please complete the Membership Form to join the guild after Workshop Fees have been paid.