There is a minimal fee for equipment rental to Guild members. Arrangements for rental can be made with the equipment chairperson directly, or you can fill out our form.

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Available equipment includes:



An assortment of shuttles and lease sticks are available upon request.

Floor Looms
Schacht Baby Wolf; 25" 4-harness 8, 10, 12 & 15 dent reeds $15/mo
Schacht Baby Wolf; 25” 8-harness 8, 10, 12 & 15 dent reeds $15/mo
Schacht Wolf Pup; 18” 4-harness 8, 10, & 12 dent reeds $15/mo
Dorset, 20” 4-harness 8 dent reed $15/mo
Table Looms
Structo, 8” 8-harness 10 & 15 dent reed $3/mo
Schacht, 20 4-harness 12 dent reed $8/mo
Lecleric, 15” collapsible 4-harness 12 dent reed $8/mo
Frieda from NW Looms, 18” 8-harness 10 dent reed $8/mo
Pioneer from NW Looms, 23” 8-harness 8, 10, 15 dent reeds $8/mo
Louet Kombo, 16”, with stand 8-harness 6, 8, 12 dent reeds $8/mo
Rigid Heddle Looms
Leclerc 24", with instruction book 6, 8, & 10 dent reeds $8/mo
Schacht 25” with stand 8, 10, & 12 dent reeds $8/mo
Beka 28” with stand 8 & 10 dent reeds $8/mo
Other Looms
Inkle loom: Schacht 4” x 8’ warp $3/mo
Tapestry loom 17” $4/mo
Navajo Loom $4/mo
Bead Weaving Loom with book 4” $4/mo
Weaving Accessories
Temple (stretcher) Leclerc 15-24” $2/mo
Temple (stretcher) 25-41” $2/mo
Temple, wood 12’–16” $2/mo
Temple, metal 24”–37” $2/mo
Temple, metal 16’–24” $2/mo
Warping board, Schacht & other 1 yd wide $2/mo
Warping board, Schacht 18” wide $2/mo
Warping reel horizontal, table top $2/mo
Rope machine Schacht Incredible $2/mo
Electric bobbin winder $2/mo
Bobbin winder Glimakra $2/mo
Kumohimo braiding stand $3/mo
Warping board, Schacht 18” wide $2/mo


Spinning & Fiber Preparation

Spinning Equipment: Wheels
Ashford, Scotch tension lazy Kate, 3 bobbins $8/mo
Louet, S-15, Scotch tension 3 bobbins $8/mo
Louet, S-75 Lazy Kate $8/mo
Babe 6 bobbins $8/mo
Majicraft rose $8/mo
Drum carders
Louet Drum doffer, picker clean wool only $12/mo
Louet Roving Drum doffer, picker clean wool only $12/mo
Fricke Drum with brush for fine fibers doffer, picker, brush, with instructions clean wool only $12/mo
Louet mini, single row $3/mo
Louet mini, double row $3/mo
Craftsmith 4”, quadruple rows $3/mo
Hand Carders
Curved back fine set teeth $2/mo
Schacht, curved back medium set teeth $2/mo
Leclerc, flat back fine set teeth $2/mo
Frye & Sons, flat back #8 medium set teeth $2/mo
CF, flat back coarse set teeth $2/mo
Other Spinning equipment
Ball winder Royal $2/mo
Umbrella swift wood $2/mo
Umbrella swift plastic $2/mo



Mold & deckle box (paper making frame), instructions 8" x 13" $2/mo



Dye pots 2 large no charge, with a $5 deposit

The Fine Print (expectations, guidelines, policies, etc.)

All rentals will be paid in advance for the approximate rental time. If equipment is not returned to the equipment chairperson on time, the renter will be assessed a fine of no less that one week’s rental and no more than the estimated cost of the equipment. Equipment may be passed on to another member if: 1) no one else is signed up to use the equipment, 2) the original renter notifies the equipment chairperson that the equipment is being passed on, and 3) the new renter pays the chairperson for the time they wish to use the equipment. If these requirements are not met, the original renter will be held responsible for the equipment and expected to pay any costs incurred by the new renter. Renters are responsible for any damages that occur to the equipment during the time it is in their possession.